Our Culture – Building Dreams and Empowering Teams: A Thriving Architect and Engineering Firm

  • Family Oriented – Flexible with employees
  • Rewarding – Employee recognition
  • Collaborative – Encouraged to work together
  • Open – Open Book Leadership
  • Fun – Make time for fun days
  • Casual – Formality not required
  • Fast-Paced – Always Busy
  • Inclusive – Diversity is Welcomed
  • Independent – Employee encouraged to make decisions

At TSG, we don’t just design and engineer structures; we build dreams and foster an exceptional work environment for our employees. Our commitment to a family-oriented, flexible, and inclusive workplace sets us apart as a company that values its team members’ well-being and professional growth. As an official ESOP company, we make our employees proud employee owners, creating a sense of ownership and shared success. Our open book leadership approach, powered by the Great Game of Business (GGOB), provides transparency and security, allowing our employees to be actively involved in the company’s financial journey. Let’s explore the core values that define our company culture and why we are an ideal destination for architects and engineers seeking a rewarding and fulfilling career.

1. Family-Oriented and Inclusive: At TSG, we consider our team as one big family, where everyone’s unique perspective is celebrated and welcomed. Our diverse workforce contributes to a vibrant and creative atmosphere, promoting innovation and out-of-the-box thinking in every project we undertake. Embracing diversity is not just a checkbox for us; it is a fundamental principle that enriches our work and nurtures mutual respect among team members.

2. Rewarding Employee Recognition: We believe in acknowledging and celebrating the contributions of our employees. Regular employee recognition programs, huddles, and mini-games keep our workplace motivated and engaged. Our quarterly bonus program, driven by clear financial literacy training through Simplified Financials 101, ensures that our employees understand how their efforts contribute to the company’s success. As we hit new milestones, we make sure to reward our team with exciting incentives, including the opportunity to embark on an exclusive company-wide cruise.

3. Collaborative and Independent: Our company culture encourages collaboration among team members, recognizing the power of collective intelligence. We foster an atmosphere where ideas are freely shared and creativity thrives. Moreover, we empower our employees to make independent decisions, trusting in their expertise and providing them with the freedom to make a real impact on our projects and the company’s growth.

4. Fun and Fast-Paced: While we take our work seriously, we also know how to have fun! Regular fun days and activities help us unwind and strengthen the bond among team members. Our fast-paced environment keeps everyone engaged and motivated, knowing that their skills and expertise are instrumental in delivering successful projects to our clients.

5. Giving Back to the Community: At TSG, we believe in giving back to society and making a positive impact on the community. Our “Dreams Come True” (DCT) initiative is not just about numbers; it represents our commitment to improving lives through the structures we create. Surpassing all records in 2021 with over 14,000 DCTs, we are driven to achieve even more in 2022 and beyond. We take pride in our work, knowing that each project we undertake contributes to making dreams a reality for others.

Conclusion: At TSG, we are more than just an architecture and engineering firm; we are a community of dedicated professionals committed to building dreams and empowering each other. Our employee-focused culture, open book leadership, and dedication to giving back make us an ideal choice for architects and engineers seeking a fulfilling and rewarding career. Join us at TSG, where your talents will be nurtured, your creativity will flourish, and together, we will continue to make dreams come true. Take the first step towards an exciting future with TSG – a place where innovation meets opportunity.

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