Our Culture

  • Family Oriented – Flexible with employees
  • Rewarding – Employee recognition
  • Collaborative – Encouraged to work together
  • Open – Open Book Leadership
  • Fun – Make time for fun days
  • Casual – Formality not required
  • Fast-Paced – Always Busy
  • Inclusive – Diversity is Welcomed
  • Independent – Employee encouraged to make decisions

At TSG we believe in creating a team built on trust, a strong culture, relationships, involvement, and employee owners. TSG is an official ESOP company making our employees excited to be employee owners. We practice open book leadership through the Great Game of Business (GGOB) to give our employees a sense of security being able to see our financials. We also come together through huddles, mini-games and rewards. We provide our employees a financial literacy through a class that teaches Simplified Financials 101, what each number on the scorecard represents and the details of our quarterly bonus program.  Additionally, at each weekly huddle, we always give the team the opportunity to ask about and to question the numbers. Our quarterly bonus plan includes additional tiers if certain profit margins are met. We even have a tier for a company-wide cruise that, if achieved, allows you to bring a guest along with you!

We are strong on giving back and are continually finding ways to give back to the community, especially to those in need. At TSG we count every new home we design/engineer and call them “Dreams Come True” (DCT). All in all, our growth allows us to make more “Dreams Come True” for others. In 2021 we beat all previous year records with over 14,000 DCTs and we are planning for an even bigger 2022!