Insights from Our Founder: Reflecting on the AIBD National Convention’s Focus on Biophilic Design and the Neuroscience of Design

I attended the AIBD National Convention “Design & Build” in Nashville the first week of August. The focus of this year’s convention was on – Biophilic Design and the Neuroscience of Design. Yes, you heard that right! These innovative themes might raise an eyebrow, I know it did for me.

“Biophilic Design?” you might ask, as I did when I first heard the term. It’s an approach that takes the inherent human connection with nature and weaves it intricately into the tapestry of architectural and interior design. Over the years, we’ve witnessed a profound shift towards creating spaces that serve their practical purpose and enrich the lives of those who inhabit them. Biophilic Design, in essence, celebrates this by inviting nature’s serenity indoors – whether it’s through the artful inclusion of plants, the infusion of natural light, or the use of organic materials. As I studied the stunning designed spaces, I realized that Biophilic Design is far more than a trend; it’s a philosophy that resonates deeply with our well-being and our connection to the world around us.

And then there’s the captivating world of the Neuroscience of Design – an arena where science and creativity intertwine to create spaces that speak to our very instincts. As a lifelong student of A&E, I’ve always known the impact of design on human emotions but delving into the neuroscience behind it all was a revelation. Our brains, a product of ancient evolution, still hold the imprints of what once kept us safe and thriving. The conference uncovered the patterns that govern our perceptions of color, texture, and form – revelations that can guide us in creating spaces that resonate on an innate level. It’s akin to unlocking the secrets of design’s effect on our minds and emotions, a journey that has the potential to reshape how we approach construction and architecture.

Along with the classes, there were hours of networking, and of course the event ended with the annual Gala Awards where numerous awards were given out to over 68 organizations that participated in the annual ARDA Awards.

The next live conference is in Myrtle Beach. To get more information on all the meetings that AIBD has on their agenda go to:

-Mike Keesee, FAIBD

TSG Founder